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Welcome to the February 2013 Edition of STCR's Monthly E-Newsletter


Collaboration Between Two Companies Serving the Independent Grocer to Provide Retail Insights for Clients


Baltimore, MD, January 28, 2013 – FMS Solutions has announced a partnership with STCR, Inc. in a move to provide the clients of both companies a best practices blueprint for the integration of their financial data and in-store systems. This unique collaboration between FMS, a financial, accounting and decision support business, and STCR, a provider of retail system technologies, will offer the best-in-class Independent Grocer clients of both businesses a data and operational advantage when competing with larger retail chains.


“Partnering with STCR seemed like a natural fit as they focus on serving independent supermarket operators nationwide and internationally in their area of business; selling and supporting retail systems. We feel a collaborative relationship between FMS and STCR will bring a synergistic result for both companies and more importantly our clients,” states Mark Ehleben, FMS - VP of Sales


Says Brian Tuberman, STCR President, “FMS and STCR complement each other’s offerings to ensure that the Independent Grocer stays current in today’s competitive landscape.  Through our combined efforts we will work in the best interest of our clients to ensure they not only remain relevant in their communities and operation, but highly successful in their continued growth.”


About FMS:  FMS Solutions (www.fmssolutions.com) is an employee-owned company providing approximately 2,200 Independent Retailers with financial, accounting, and consulting services such as benchmarking, best practices, and mission-critical decision reports throughout North America.


About STCR:  Established in 1967, STCR (www.stcr.com) is a technology solution reseller offering best-of-breed products and services in the areas of Retail Systems, Back Office Technologies, Loyalty Programs, EFT, Wireless Solutions, Hosting, Warehouse Support, Gas Pump Interface, Scale Management, Self Service Technologies, Application Programing, Data Analysis, Onsite Maintenance Options, and more to Independent Grocers throughout the United States, Caribbean and the Middle East.  STCR operates a fully staffed Support Center of certified specialists to support the technology needs of Independent Grocers 24-hours a day.


Leveraging your POS system's exception reporting to run a tight ship is just one of the valuable tools that are rarely fully developed by store operations.  The benefits are many and should be explored and customized to your business.  It's an ongoing effort to analyze as well as retool practices and processes to fight shrink by quickly identifying impropriety and product pricing issues as well as fine tune performance metrics and training.

The purpose is for monitoring, analysis, reporting, and decision-making.  Personalizing the various data capture settings to your environment provides management with timely, accurate, relevant, and most importantly actionable information to audit and control the POS operations.  It allows for management to standardize and evaluate performance expectations.  If requirements are not being met a report can be reviewed with the employee to decide on appropriate action to re-train, re-assign, or terminate as needed.  They can also be used to identify top performers and goal achievements to promote quality and productivity.  The important point is that it provides a consistent fact based method for performance appraisal.  These techniques can help address employee based shrink, revealing impropriety via theft or sweet-hearting, or simple unreported pricing issues.


Using these tools to shrink the shrink and grow a well trained performance oriented team will promote business goals and drive the bottom line in the right direction.  STCR provides POS solutions and services to assist with these critical efforts.  Are you getting the results you need?  Take a look at what features you could be using to incorporate these best practices into your business operations.  If you’re not sure where to begin, call your STCR Sales Representative, they would be happy to assist you.


Every retailer says that they want to provide a great customer experience.  Some focus on pricing while others tailor to specific demographics.  Regardless of a retailer’s target audience when trying to create a great customer experience, the store managers are the primary people who hold the key to the success of a retailer’s effort.

Why store managers?  Well, common sense may lead one to think that the store’s associates are the ones who interact with the customers and have the greatest impact on customer experience.  While that is true, the question is how does a retail store ensure that their associates are performing at the highest level to ensure great customer experience?

Generally, the desired basic behaviors of the store associates are a friendly greeting and to assist customers in finding products.  With training, most of the store associates are able to provide helpful services.  However, to consistently deliver and learn from experiences, store associates need someone to provide feedback and guidance; that is why the store manager is the key.  Store managers or department managers, are managers and coaches of all things behavioral.  They should set targets, define what is good, catch people doing the right things, and provide feedback.  They are the primary vehicle for delivering intrinsic and external motivators.  Store managers are accountable for store culture, climate, experience and results.

If you want to change the customer experience in retail stores, the key to sustainable change is working through the store managers.


Employee development is an essential element of company growth.  If a company wants to attract and retain the best people, it needs to invest in employee growth and development.  New employees will find it rewarding to learn new things and take on more challenges.  Progress is a result of an organization that fosters learning and constant improvement.

Stages of Employee Development:


The Exploration Stage is defined by routine, guided work where the employee gets help and is allowed to take initiative when applicable.  The employee develops a self image and learns what and how to excel.

The Establishment Stage is defined by independent specialization where the employee has mastered certain specialties and has become significantly more productive.  The employee can take on important organizational responsibilities.


The Mid Career Stage is when an employee can guide others.  The employee clearly understands the goals and requirements of the organization and can develop and mentor others.  Mentoring is gratifying to most employees as they feel that they are now able to contribute to the organization through the contributions of others.


In the final Stage of Disengagement the manager is looking ahead to retirement and accepts new roles.  The employee and their manager can effectively plan for future career development events.


An ongoing role for a supervisor is that of the employee coach.  Important aspects of this role are to provide positive comment and corrective feedback; give advice, information and insight on the organization; and teach the discipline of goal setting and check progress. 


The role of a savvy employee is to seek out a variety of assignments, be willing to tackle tough problems, be in a position to coach others, and be willing to take on varied assignments that offer different challenges and learning experiences.


Several years ago the buzz was to go green with green receipts; unfortunately, it did not take off as expected and fizzled.  Today, there are so many smart phones and tablets that green receipts are making another comeback and have a much brighter future.  With new software upgrades your system should be able to handle a green receipt - which would be to not print the customers receipt on paper but instead email them their receipt.  Other than the obvious paper savings there are many other reasons to pursue this.  You can stay in better contact with your customers and obtain their email addresses to send the receipts along with coupons and other advertising.  Just the energy and pollution saved by not printing could be tremendous.


Be prepared for Earth day, April 22, 2013 and visit http://www.epa.gov/earthday/tips.htm.  Contact your STCR sales representative for more information and learn how you can upgrade your system to join the Green Receipts movement.


Outstanding User Interface

Equipped with the largest high-visibility color graphic display (3.2 in) with touch screen in its class, the Skorpio™ X3 mobile computer helps users work more efficiently.  STCR sells the 38-key functional keypad that allows data to be inputted very quickly, with the Windows CE 6.0 Operating system.

Ergonomic and Reliable

This rugged mobile computer is particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment both on store shelves and in stock rooms.  With the best ergonomics on the market, the Skorpio X3 mobile computer reduces operator fatigue with no compromise in terms of reliability and robustness, resisting harsh environments, multiple drops, strong shocks and repetitive tumbles.  The pistol grip model has the most durable and comfortable handle in the industry.  Its compact size and light weight combine to offer excellent balance and superior handling. 


Wireless Communication

The Skorpio X3 mobile computer’s wireless communication capabilities (Bluetooth® EDR, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g) enable fast transactions and complete interaction with information systems including the newest RF security protocols such as WPA™ and WPA2™.  Datalogic’s patented ‘GREEN SPOT’ Skorpio X3™ mobile computers also include Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback.  This technology projects a green spot directly on the bar code, notifying the user that a successful ‘read’ has occurred. Both 1D laser scanning and 2D bar code imaging configurations provide an inclined scan engine so that the display can be viewed while reading bar codes.  There is no need for the user to turn the wrist in order to scan, thus making it easier to aim and faster to read.

Reprinted from Datalogic ADC Web


C-Town Supermarket in Hartford, CT recently upgraded their front end system to the STCR SMS solution. Their previous system was aging and they were concerned about reliability and wanted to find ways to improve throughput at the register.

Jeffery Perez indicated that the biggest changes they experienced from the start were the processing of payments at the register and the improved scan rate with the new scanner scales.  The process is quicker and allows them to move customers through the lines much faster during their busy times.  Additionally, they are also enjoying the ease of use of the register, which has reduced training time for their new cashiers.


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